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General Surgery

Veterinary surgery doesn’t have to be frightening or traumatic to your pets. The Maplewood Animal Hospital family is dedicated to helping you and your pets throughout the entire process. To that end, we also endeavor to provide our clients with a clear understanding of why a particular procedure is necessary, what the procedure entails, proper post-operative care, and convey any other information you may need to feel comfortable that you are making the right decision for your pet.

We perform routine procedures and more diverse procedures in our fully equipped surgical suite. We maintain relationships with committed local specialists in the event you must be referred to another facility.

During anesthesia and surgery, your pet is constantly monitored by a veterinary technician. We routinely monitor temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and respirations. We maintain body temperature by laying the patient on a water pad that circulates warm water. All patients are monitored by a technician during the recovery process.